A global software house delivering and integrating proprietary IT products.

Why Comarch?

Comarch is a stable, experienced provider of innovative IT products for multiple industries, including telecommunications, banking, airlines, petrol stations, utilities.

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Insurance Trends in Europe

Comarch and Decavi whitepaper 2020

Can you predict which mutual funds will do better than others?

At Comarch, we’ve decided to build an algorithm to address that issue.

The POWER lies in the Cloud

Some of the most complex IT infrastructures are driven by the IBM Power Systems

Annual statements with Comarch ESEF app

The obligation to prepare annual consolidated financial statements in the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), will come into force soon...

New generation of mobile banking for business clients

The best mobile apps for business and where to find them

AI and Personal Offers

How does it work?

IT systems designed for your business

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Tell us about your business needs. We will find the perfect product.

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